Girl Girl Sex 230

Girl Girl Sex 230

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Scene 1: Pressing her body against Paulina`s bum as they try to swing the hula-hoop, the girl`s body rub against each other. Turning around, Paulina caresses Thais` pert breasts as she slides the hula in between her bum cheeks, rubbing it against her vulva. Opening wide her legs displaying her extreme flexibility, Paulina`s hairy vulva is exposed as Thais passionately tours her tongue around it and fingers her vigorously. Down on the floor, the girls move their vulvas towards each other, rubbing them firmly until they reach a powerful orgasm.Scene 2: Practicing their stretching routine, Victoria and Chloe bend over and spread their legs wide apart. Slowly getting closer to each other, their hands briefly touch and in a matter of seconds they begin to passionately kiss each other. Victoria passionately kisses Chloe`s neck as she squeezes her breasts. Kneeling in front of Victoria, Chloe takes off her panties uncovering her full grown pubic hair and licks her vulva with dedication as Victoria squirms in pleasure.Down on all fours, Chloe looks back over her shoulder as Victoria undresses her, and using her hands, spreads her meaty lips uncovering the pinkness of her vagina just before introducing her fingers in her while Chloe moans, enjoying herself. Still on the floor, the girls get into passionate tribbing action and give each other some oral pleasure before falling asleep in each other`s arms.

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